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For decades technology as been a barrier for people achieving their dreams. It's too expensive... It's too complicated... It's too scary... I hear it all the time. Software has tried to solve some of these issues, removing the need to know how to code and even lowering the costs, but it's still scary. It's scary to invest your time and money into something you don't know you can trust.


With COVID19 causing most event planners to cancel live events I had to find an alternative method to attract and serve my ideal client. That's when I decided to co-host virtual summits. WyzeTribe helped us offer a massive giveaway at our first virtual summit 'Connect' from our 20+ speakers, allowing us to provide value to both our speakers and participants, building lists and providing value. Melanie had our mobile funnel setup in our short timeline so we could focus on planning and executing a great event.

Tina Torres

The Gratitude Specialist




A HACKATHON is when a group of people get together to collaboratively create software in a sprint-like fashion.


A SUMMIT, when referred to as a conference, is when a group of people, who care deeply about a topic, come together.


A HACKASUMMIT is a term we made up to merge these two ideas. It's when a group of people, who care deeply about elevating the success of their business, come together to implement a set of tasks that are technical in nature. 


With our knowledge, expertise, and handholding, you build your infrastructure to support your empire! 


    Walk away with your whole mobile funnel in just one session. Together we'll create your keyword opt-in, your mobile opt-in page, show you how to distribute your free gifts, and how to link your opt-ins together to create a funnel so you can move them from prospect to client.


    Ever wonder how you could turn your book into a digital course? Or move people from your free blog or podcast into your paid membership site? Together we'll create the framework for your digital course or membership site. All you'll have to do afterwards is finish filling it with content. 


    Ever wonder how you could automate your prospect and client engagement? Maybe you'd like to automate your marketing or sales funnel? Together we'll create some key workflows and automation and we'll give you the skills to build additional workflows and automations. 

Whether you just want to drop-in and learn a single task, or become a member, our experts are here for you! 

I am the owner of Absolute Pilates Upstairs and in one day my clients were not allowed to come into my studio anymore because of Covid-19. Without a hitch, Melanie McSally suggested that I offer mobile workouts to my clients.  She gave me the spark and I ran with it.  Within 4 days I was up and running, Now I am sending short workouts, meditations and inspiration to all my clients with new ones joining everyday.  I made the pivot to keep my business viable, with the help of WyzeTribe.  Melanie is part genius- part angel.

Conni Ponturo

Vitality Expert


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